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Q1: What is artificial quartz stone?

A1: Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. Our engineered stones are composed of over 90% quartz, and are therefore designed to last for long-time usage. During the uniqueproduction process, we combine the strength of quartz with high performance polymers and small amount of pigments. Thus,durable and beautiful quartz stone in a wide variety of colors is made. 


Q2: What are the advantages of artifical stone compared with natural stone?

A2: Artificial stones have the following advantages compard to natural stones:

Non-radiative, healthy and eco-friendly

Controllable color difference

High density and stain resistance

Smooth texture and verisimilar pattern


Q3: What are the advantages of artificial stone compared with ceramic tile?

A3: Artificial stones have the following advantages compared to ceramic tiles:

Smoother texture, high-end representation

Rich and natural patterns

Easy refurbishment and maintenance

Wide-usage; suitable for deep processing (pillars, door lines, etc)


Q4: Does Stonite provide after-sale services?

A4: Yes. Wanfeng provides 10-year warranty, as well as install and maintenance guidance from authorized technical groups. For more information for how to care your product, please visit our website: