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Wan Feng shaped artificial stone construction specifications - lines, door pockets, etc

1. Scope
The construction specifications applicable to Wan Feng shaped pieces of green stone: lines, Door installation engineering, installation and structural adhesive are hanging knot in two ways.

(1) Wan Feng, green stone shaped pieces.
(2) stainless steel hook fasteners, expansion screws, bolts and other hanging bundle.
(3) load-bearing structure connected to the use of stone hanging epoxy glue (AB glue) must not use marble glue, marble, stone and plastic and other metal accessories used in the connection between marble adhesive glue can be used only , Stone positioning purposes.
(4) silicone weather sealant.

3. pre-construction precautions
(1) construction adhesive surface should be smooth, firm, no effect on the bond and the flatness of the foreign body.
(2) by the contractor under the construction site of the actual measured dimensions, installation detail drawing to determine the stone's size, size and location of stones.
(3) protrusion of the wall of concrete, brick and all unnecessary debris must be removed, set aside outlet location, size, square cut stone should be informed in advance.
(4) fixtures, expansion screws of the location, quantity, strength should be recognized.

4. hanging installation and construction
(1) setting out: First, set the horizontal and vertical alignment and the wall (column) noodles, then follow the stone of the partition map on the wall to draw the location of the stone and fixed parts.
(2) back hanging hole: stainless steel fasteners in position to pre-drill the screw holes of the expansion depth. (With construction icon)
(3) will be finalized within the force-type expansion screw bit on the wall, and then lock the stainless steel fasteners.
(4) In accordance with instructions to deploy AB glue.
(5) pre-cut and hanging fixtures installed on the groove of the fixed pieces of stone, and stone hanging epoxy glue (AB glue) to fill the trench, so closely bonded fixed pieces and stone, in order to avoid displacement. Yi Yi hanging plastic fasteners itself (AB glue) completely wrapped sealed to avoid contact with moisture erosion.
(6) of the stone edge, corner and surface bonding of the line to be straight.
(7) Stone clearance is between 1.5 ~ 3.0 mm, filled with silicone sealant to weather.